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ShareChat video Downloader without watermark

Step 1 : Firstly you need to open sharechat app on your android phone. Download Sharechat android app.

Step 2 : Now, open the sharechat video that you want to download or post.

Step 3 : Now you need to copy the link, to do so, click on the download.

Step 4 : Now open Share Chat Video downloader and paste the copied link and tap Download.

This is how you sharechat video download without watermark can be done in an android phone. If you don’t have smartphone right now or you are using a computer then we have a tutorial for computers also. Below is the tutorial for how to download share chat videos online for free.

Sharechat video downloader for computer

Step 1 : Firstly open sharechat website on computer. You can open it by clicking on the below button.

Step 2 : Now search for the post that you want to download.

Step 3 : Now click on the address bar and copy the link of the post.

Step 4 : You need to open Sharechat video downloader and paste the copies sharechat video link and hit Download.

Your download will be started and in this way, you can download sharechat video without a watermark.

FAQ (Sharechat video downloader without watermark)

How do I download from ShareChat?

Sharechat allows you to download post using the download button but the issue with this is it adds watermark to the video.

How can I download videos from ShareChat without watermark?

You can use various online videos downloader such as Exist Downloader which will help you to download videos from sharechat no watermark.

Can we take screenshots in ShareChat?

No, sharechat doesn’t allow users to take screenshots in sharechat of the post created and uploaded on sharechat. However, you can download the sharechat videos and post using Exist Downloader.

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