Threads Video Downloader – GIF, Videos and Images

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Threads Video Downloader – GIF, Videos and Images

If you are in search of a tutorial on how to download videos from threads then this online video downloading tool i.e. Threads Video Downloader will help you to download images from threads and also videos.

Threads app is launched for both Android and iPhone smartphones is just like Twitter which allows users to share their thoughts in words. Apart from that, users can also post videos on threads.


Just like Instagram, threads don’t allows and provide an option to save videos from threads onto our devices. This is where Threads Video Downloader comes in – a powerful tool that allows users to effortlessly download and save videos from various social media platforms.

Previously, we had posted a detailed tutorial on how to download Instagram videos and reels using Instagram reels downloader, similarly, the threads video downloader works.

Before we get into the tutorial on how to download videos from threads, let’s have a quick introduction to what is thread in Instagram and what is the use of this social media app.

What is threads in Instagram?

Threads in Instagram is a recently launched microblogging platform launched by Meta which is a parent company owns Instagram and Facebook. This Threads is similar to Twitter and growing fast. There is no separate signup process as it only allows users to log in through Instagram login credentials.

Now that we had learned what is threads by Instagram, let’s proceed with the tutorial.

Methods to download videos from the threads

There are different methods which you can use to download video and videos from threads. Both the methods are explained along with the step by step guides.

  1. Threads video downloader (Online tools) (Recommended)
  2. Third-party apps Video Downloader For Threads

How to download videos from Thread using Threads Video Downloader

The process to download videos from threads is very easy and it will work in both Android and iPhone as the thread video downloader is a web-based tool and you need only an internet browser. So without waiting more time, let’s proceed with the steps by steps guide

Steps to download Video using Threads Video Downloader

Step 1 : Firstly unlock your phone and open Threads app in your smartphone.

Step 2 : Now search for the threads video that you want to download.

Step 3 : Now tap on the share button and then on Copy link to copy the threads video URL.

How do I download Instagram threads

Step 4 : Now open Threads video downloader – Exist downloader and paste the video url and hit the download button.

How do I sign up for Threads

Step 5 : You will see the different quality in which you can download threads video, tap on the one you want and your download will be start.

Threads video download online

In this way, you can download Video using Threads Video Downloader Exist downloader and save it on your phone gallary.

In this way, one can use Threads video download online tool to download videos and phones from the threads app.

How to download thread images using Threads downloader

As you had noticed that like Instagram, users can also post images on Threads. So in case you are in search of how to download thread images and photos in Android or iPhone then you can use threads photo downloader. Here is the step-by-step guide.

Steps to download photos from threads

Step 1 : Firstly open the Threads app in your smartphone and search for the thread photo that you to download.

Step 2 : Now tap on the share button and then tap on copy link to copy the threads URL.

Step 3 : Now open the Threads image downloader online tool on Chrome and paste the copied link.

Step 4 : Now tap on the download button, after processing you will see the different qualities in which you can download images of threads. Tap and download.

FAQ (Threads Video Downloader)

1. Do you need Instagram for threads?

Yes, currently there is no separate signup page to have an account on threads. You need to have an Instagram account compulsory as for signup, Instagram login credentials are required.

2. How to download threads for Instagram?

You can download Threads for Instagram from Google playstore and app store. Currently, there is now web-based verison of thread, hence you can’t use thread on a computer or laptop.

3. Can you join threads without Instagram?

No, currently Meta is only allowing instagram users to signup and register on Threads. So you can’t join Threads without instagram account.

4. Who owns the Threads app?

Theads by instagram is owned by Meta which also owns whatsapp, Facebook and instagram.

5. How do I sign up for Threads?

To register on Threads app, you need to signup using instagram login credentials as currently one can’t signup using email address.

Wrapping Up

Hope you like the step by steps guide on how to download videos from threads in your smartphone using our online video downloading tool Threads Video Downloader. if you are facing any problems in following the steps or in case you are getting errors while downloading threads videos, feel free to use the comment section.

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